Big Money Does Not Love Democracy

Scott Steward
2 min readJul 23, 2021

Do you love corporations more than freedom? Elite politicians do. The For the People Act ends Citizens United that lets big money own politicians. Seventy nine percent of West Virginia voters and 84% of Arizonans support the For the People Act.

The political elites, in both parties, are looking for ways to avoid the For the People Act. Big money is behind the filibuster excuse not to give each and everyone of us the vote. It’s crazy. Just look at the hedging from Democrats like AZ Senator Krysten Sinema and from President Bidden too.

Lots of Repubican legislators have championed a lot what is in HR-1 For the People Act. This is no snowflake struggle, this is a Main Street vs. Wall Street struggle.

Right now, at least 73 million Americans have their votes manipulated, gerrymandered, to benefit big money. People whose children attend the same schools and churches, are split into different districts, can’t vote for the person that their friends and neighbors vote fore if they wanted to.

In the last Presidential election we were left feeling undone by the electorial elitist sytem again. What can we do togther is take the vote back with the For the People Act and end any question of fraud and put a paper ballot system back.

Whose vote if not yours? Isn’t that what got you fired up about Trump? The Act is not going to do anything other than Make America Great Again. The “For the People Act, is your Act. More of your ideas for your family and your future.

Unite! Trumpsters and resisters. we will have to push all the senators to pass the “For the People Act”. The senators need a hard push because they are biting their lips knowing big money is filling their pockets and the pockets of their Washington elite lobbyists, lobbyists and Wall Street.

We need to make America great again. We do this by making them pass the For the People Act!



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