How About a Budget for Americans?

Scott Steward
2 min readSep 30, 2021
75% of Congress voted for 2021 $1 Trillion Defence Budget

Dear Congressperson, DO NOT vote for the bi-partisan infrastructure bill without first voting for the reconciliation package (the Build Back Better Act.)

The press and our, supposedly, Biden friendly representatives are being stupid about what the reconciliation bill costs and hurried Americans are not getting the bottom line.

The reconciliation act is for $350 Billion a year ($3.5 trillion over 10 years). Not $3.5 Trillion this year, but 1/10th of that. Whereas the Department of Defense and Homeland Security are getting $1T trillion a year. More than twice reconciliation.

None of those DOD 21 $Trillion dollars spent these last 20 years went to domestic programs. Boeing, Flour Corp., Blackwater and Raytheon are not in the health and human services business. Nope. They sell fighter jets to the Saudis.

More than 60% of all DOD dollars go to private contractors. 2021 DOD budget vote: House — 316 to 113, (Garamendi joined by 45 out of 53 CA reps). Senate 86 to 14.

With $21T down the big gun theory drain, it makes objections about how to pay for American day care just reek of WT_. Pay by reigning in drug company profits or tax those grossing over $400,000 a year? House representatives Scott Peters, Kurt Schrader, and Kathleen Rice and Senator Sinema stood up for the sanctity of big pharma’s 29% profitability. We not only pay too much for drugs we use so much in the US the stuff is making us sick.

Nancy, Chuck, and the rest of you in DC, if you want to make America healthier and safer, pass the reconciliation package WITH the infrastructure package. Do it to create more jobs, help parents pay for child care, job training and green tech incentives, access to college, internet equity and local business support.

Don’t pass reconciliation and the US becomes a bad investment for everyone but the very rich — which is maybe your point. Can you hear the money vacuums revving up? Yummy American pie for everyone but Americans. You think we are populist now?



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