Federal Legislators Wimp Out for Xmas

Scott Steward
2 min readDec 18, 2021

God rest ye merry gentlethey, let nothing you dismay…

The federal legislators have left the building and saddled the nation with another record military budget and left 90% of us with a plight that brings us division and unnecessary economic strife. We have no Build Back Better approval, we have no voting rights. The starving cannot vote.

You can tell a lot about what a people care about by they way they spend their money. And we spend over half of what we collect in taxes and fees on the military and national security. Tell me merry legislators — what are we getting for over 50% of national treasure?

We are strangled by ridiculous messages about “fiscal responsibility” used to block spending money on US citizens for child care, education and jobs.

Before I fail to show deference to our Holiday season, let me acknowledge the bravery and good intentions of our fellow citizens who wear the uniform. It is exactly because we owe them a better future that this has to be said. These are your tax dollars at work. This is what your legislators have blessed.

Lindsay Koshgarian, National Priorities Project, reports that $21trillion of militarized spending since 9/11 has caused (beyond costs of the endless wars themselves) 900,000 deaths. It has put $1.8 billion worth of military equipment on city streets, put people behind bars for primarily nonviolent crimes, and fueled FBI targeting based on nothing more than race, ethnicity or religion. “And those are just for starters.”

If the they can’t stop themselves from co-signing the machine that brought you extraordinary rendition well…. how can you expect them to sign a check for your kid’s daycare? May all our federal legislators be visited by Jacob Marley and get coal in their stockings. Not only have they left us with a crumb not even big enough for a mouse, they just voted again for costly and unnecessary violence around the world.



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