No Soft Landing After Virginia

Scott Steward
2 min readNov 3, 2021

In looking for a soft landing from yesterday’s narrow Republican Virginia Governorship win. It looks like narrow victory for Republicans in the Virginia state house as well. And yet we persist. A small yay for our team held onto the Virginia senate.

I am still looking for a soft landing and so kept away from web feeds and instead looked for editorial. I found some from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. Writer John Brummett talks about Virginia’s results and summarizes the fall-out. I think he gets it right, except that his blame finger is pointed at the “too liberal” Democrats and not at the foot dragging of the “conservative” Democrats.

Manchin’s Monday (Nov 1) press release about “needing more time” to evaluate the fiscal impact of the Build Back Better Act/reconciliation bill, that was all about getting ahead of negative Virginia election results. He wants to dismantle BBB and see it go away and just get the infrastructure bill and he and other conservatives were willing to sacrifice Virginia to make their point. It was deliberate. May he be visited by Jacob Marley soon — chains a jangling. Bah Humbug! “There is no role for government in addressing climate change, inequity or racial injustice.”

Manchin is a Lunapub sympathizer and certainly a Demopub, Feinstein is complicit and the jury is out on Sinema — she may just have left earth for some other universe altogether.

The fault here also lies with the inability of our would be statespeople to defeat the Lunapubs (lunatic Republicans) who believe in punishment politics. Cortisol fueled fear bait is not a policy, but it can win elections.

Before we get all sad, keep in mind that McAuliffe was not a passionate candidate. Any offense is better than no offense I suppose, but we need better offense. The “religious reformers” will burn down any institution of real democracy if we let them. Schools are their target now.

Maybe some unforeseen consequences, of the hold the Lunapubs and nihilists have on the tools of leadership, will manifest in a positive way. For now we turn local again to hold down our fort and rest a bit. There is a time for phone banking, turn, turn, turn and a time for peace under heaven.



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