Choice is Holy

Scott Steward
3 min readDec 1, 2021
Dec. 1, 2021. | Andrew Harnik/AP Photo

If you read about early Christianity, you begin to understand the discipline that anchors the belief in telling other people what to do and the desire to hold power to make sure Christians can do so. You will also read how the church of love arose over persecution to condemn persecution. For too many American Christians, love is not the path taken.

America has become a bastion of authoritarian religious extremism that supports self-annihilation all over the world. Today in America the temperance, that was so emphatically counseled by early Christian Bishops, is hidden behind the zealots. What we see and hear is fundamentalist (mostly Abrahamic traditions) condemnation, deceit and fear mongering spewed toward all women’s sacred wombs.

And now with four justices appointed, according to the long-hatched Federalist Society plan, in full frontal assault of the filibuster, (now so dearly defended by the white minority party and their well-heeled liberal allies) the Court fakes indecision. According to this ill placed array of black cloaked mostly white and almost entirely conservative Christian people, an individual’s right to choose may become illegal, allowing jail, financial ruin and unhinged ridicule to be “lawful” against unwilling impregnated women and all who come to their aid.

Let me be one of the first then — jail me, for I will come to their aid.

I am not alone when I say, before any “due process” renders a verdict in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, that The supreme court has been hijacked and I can’t care what the Supreme Court has to say about abortion (or most things.) That bridge was burned when Amy Coney Barrett ruined the authority of the Court by taking the oath last October. This Court’s ruling won’t change my behavior to support all women’s right to choose one iota.

That right is God given and the idol worshiping America First exceptionalist movement, that has brought down our country twice and more in war, stacked our courts and is married to the ruse of scarcity, (that refuses to create a society of plenty,) and bows to the foreign and domestic tyrants, terrorists and Wall Street megalomaniacs; it is not for them to decide.

Where is that Christianity of love? Everywhere! It’s just not print worthy, it does not draw blood and so our social (maniacal) media does not amplify the humble caring people who are the majority.

We cannot be victim to the heretical display of minority concentrated power of the Koch foundations, the Scaife Foundation, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, that have longed paid for the AlEC racist law machine and the Federalist Society’s undermining of our democracy. They harbor a crude, cruel and vacant interpretation of Christianity.

They will meet their maker and he has horns. They deceive themselves and the world, that would-be paradise, bleeds with their unrepentant misdeeds. These are the people hell bent on telling a mother when and where to bring a child into this God given world. They that openly forsake and pray for our heavenly ordained earth’s end, they are here to tell a mother when to carry a child? Blasphemy!

We refuse to bend to tyranny. A womb is a women’s blessing from God, no law may intervene except to protect her timely choice.



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